Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is a very important, yet undervalued part of healthcare and lifestyle today. In the system of Chinese Medicine, food therapy was often times the first place a doctor would start when it came to helping their patient heal from the affliction they were experiencing. Unfortunately most Americans diet’s involve a large consumption of processed foods, refined oils and sugars that leave their bodies depleted of vitamins and minerals and abundance of by-products that accumulate in the body eventually robbing them of their full healing potential.

In my clinic, I use several types of supplements to assist the body in normalizing inflammation, detoxifying and recovery. With the addition of these supplements, we can accentuate your body’s finely constructed ability to heal itself and increase the efficacy of the treatment. In addition to the use of supplements, a dietary outline can also be provided based on the diagnosis to help increase the overall effect of the treatment and help resolve some of the symptoms that may be occuring.